Tuesday, March 14th

We are deeply saddened that on March 9, 2023 there was an avalanche during a tour at Park City Powder Cats which resulted in one fatality. The incident occurred in upper Weber Canyon at approximately 3:00 pm. Two of our guests were caught in the slide and were fully buried. Rescue efforts were performed by PCPC Guide staff on scene. Both individuals were located by their transceivers and extracted from the snow. PCPC Guides and Air-Medics attended to them both. One was responsive, breathing and in stable condition upon being extricated, while the second individual was unresponsive. Unfortunately the latter could not be resuscitated.

We at Park City Powder Cats are all deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy. Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to their friends and family. It is impossible to put into words the sorrow that we feel and the grief that is shared by the entirety of our Powder Cat family.

In our 29 years of operation this is the first tragedy we’ve experienced of this magnitude. We consider every one of our guests’ to be family and will continue to put our primary focus on the safety & well-being of our guests and staff.