About the Company





Imagine you and your close friends and family, skiing or snowboarding together, alone on a ski resort larger than the size of Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, and Canyons combined–then throw in the combined terrain of Snowbird and Alta for good measure. Wide open un-tracked bowls and aspen glades of fresh Utah powder all to yourselves, all day.  Fantasy?  No, welcome to Park City Powder Cats and Heli-Ski, home to some of the most diverse and highest quality powder skiing and riding in North America.

Our private resort encompasses more than 40,000 acres of the Thousand Peaks Ranch, a privately owned sheep ranch in summer, turned into a powder hounds dream in winter. We have the exclusive rights to the use of this vast terrain, offering guided Snowcat skiing and snowboarding as well as privately booked Heli-Skiing. Park City Powder Cat & Heli-Ski’s staff of professionally trained Guides and Cat drivers will take you on an un-paralleled backcountry experience of a lifetime.

 Park City Powder Cats and Heli-Ski has been operating at The Thousand Peaks Ranch, just 25 miles East of Park City for over 20 years. Under new ownership and management since 2004, the newly streamlined operation has enjoyed record number skier-days year upon year, while developing several thousand acres of new terrain, and a new fleet of state-of-the-art snow-cats that can take you to where only imaginations would think possible.

We immaculately maintain a fleet of three, 10 seat, Piston Bully 200 and 300 Snowcats that are fully heated,  roomy and comfortable, allowing our guests to relax and socialize between runs while re-hydrating and snacking, in preparation for the next epic run. We run two to three 10 person cats a day guaranteeing you both fresh tracks and the solitude that only the Thousand Peaks Ranch can provide.    
We also operate an additional grooming cat that meticulously maintains our roads and infra-structure . This means no waiting or lost time on deep pow days! No one else can say that.
Oh, yeah, the  terrain and snow! Our tremendous amount of acreage allows us to guide you through an amazing amount of diverse mountain terrain that features huge open bowls and powder fields of all angles and aspects, as well as, arguably, the best aspen and fir tree skiing in North America. Our trees are so widely spaced that we say they get out of our way for us–truly an experience like no other.  
Because of the sheer amount of skiable area we have , you are pretty much guaranteed fresh tracks even 2 weeks after a storm. With mountain aspects that favor strong weather patterns, we enjoy a bountiful helping of incredible Utah powder each year–in fact, over 500 inches of the goods fell out on the ranch last year.
 Park City Powder Cats and Heli-Skis’ base of operations is located a short half hour drive away from Park City on well maintained and traffic free roads, just East of  Oakley UT.  Please call us at 435 649 6596. Or visit our website for reservations and more info. Make this the season you experience unbelievable powder skiing with us on over 43,000 acres, at the privately owned Thousand Peaks Ranch. Let our knowledgeable guides take you on the backcountry skiing trip of a lifetime.

Cat Skiing
Snowcat Skiing is the mainstay of our business and our primary focus. For the uninitiated, Snowcat Skiing is the ultimate backcountry powder skiing experience available, anytime, anywhere. Our heated and comfortably appointed snow-cats will take you uphill to our amazing array of terrain, while relaxing and socializing with new-found and old friends and family, only to drop you off with our well-trained guides to ski the best un-tracked powder runs found anywhere in the US.  
Our Cats wait at the bottom of each run to begin the return trip up to the top of the next spectacular one.  Expect 8 – 12 of these–interrupted only by a gourmet, catered lunch of sandwiches, wraps, soups, teas, and fresh baked goods!
We offer safely guided, advanced to advanced- intermediate, capable powder skiers the best skiing experience imaginable. We ski a full day with plenty of water and snacks on board each cat; you will be pleasantly tired after the days effort!
Upon request, we can tailor our outings to less advanced skiers, BUT, we do not have groomed terrain–the ability and savvy to ski powder, trees and changing conditions are a pre-requisite.
Park City Powder Cats runs 2 (sometimes 3) full (10 clients with 2 guides) cats per day, in separate areas of our vast terrain so as to insure a more private and secluded experience. We have a full size back-up cat in the rare case of a mechanical failure.
Unlike Heli-Skiing, Snowcats offer you the ability to relax, socialize, and warm between runs without the waiting, hype, and anxiety associated with a helicopter; not to mention the cost incurred – please consider this as the best skiing experience possible.

For more advanced and adventurous skier and snowboarding groups we offer privately chartered Heli – Skiing/Riding trips within and outside of our regular Snowcat Skiing/Riding terrain. This is the Ultimate powder experience available in Utah, period. We require reservations at least 48 hours in advance of your trip and, unlike other Heli operations in the USA, we guarantee a full-day experience regardless of the weather conditions present. If the weather does not cooperate or socks in mid-day, we continue on Snowcat. You experience the best of both worlds seamlessly un-interrupted.
We fly one helicopter per day for up to 6 clients in 2 groups. Expect 6+ runs of amazing skiing and snow conditions, with even more vertical than our Snowcat operation can offer. We can custom tailor your ultimate ski day to suit any needs you may have. Our helicopter lease partners have the best ships available with the most qualified pilots anywhere; their track record is impeccable.

Backcountry Skiing
 Backcountry Skiing trips unlike anywhere. We have vast reserves of incredible and easily accessed backcountry terrain adjacent to, but separate from, our cat and heli-ski’s currently used areas of skiing and riding.   We start these daylong outings with snowmobiles to gain critical early morning vertical up to 9000’, where we start skinning, skiing, riding and exploring open bowls, meadows and tree skiing between 10,600’ –  8500’ on the backside of the Thousand Peaks Ranch and beyond. We then arrange afternoon pick-ups to maximize our time spent out in the beautiful and bountiful goods of the Western Uinta Mountains backcountry.  Catered lunches and snacks are also provided.