Park City Powder Cats operates just minutes outside of Park City on over 40,000 acres of family  owned land in the Uinta Mountains called The Thousand Peaks Ranch.  Founded in 1921, the land then became a thriving sheep and cattle ranch in the summer months.  Thousand Peaks Ranch has become home to over 10,000 head of sheep and 3,000 cattle .  While the winters prove to be too harsh of a climate  for the sheep to thrive, the Ranch owners found it to be perfect conditions for Powder Hounds! When the sheep head south for the winters, Park City Powder Cats is lucky enough give our guests an incredible backcountry experience. With a plentitude of terrain and Utah’s infamous powder conditions, we are able to bring  our guests on a trip of a lifetime!!

Other than the Brooks Range in Alaska, the Uintas are the most prominent east/west range in the United States with almost a dozen peaks exceeding 13,000 feet. The Uinta Wilderness encompasses 457,000 acres of mountainous terrain with 40,000 acres of its best ski terrain right in our own backyard! With our base of operations at 7,600 feet to the soaring top of Windy Peak at nearly 11,000 feet, we’re able to enjoy a wide variety of terrain that includes incredible open bowls, steep chutes and some of the best tree skiing in all of Utah.


With our very own private ski resort encompassing an area  larger than Vail, Aspen, and Killington combined, we have an  enormous amount of terrain at our disposal.  If you are looking for steep lines and big bowls we have it!  For those less advanced riders, or for those just looking for a fun powder day, we have plenty of gentle slopes,  and open tree skiing to enjoy.  You will not regret spending a day at the Thousand Peaks Ranch with Park City Powder Cats as your liaison.